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Most shooters and also weapon lovers will certainly agree that the AR-15 is among one of the most beloved and prominent rifle systems feeding on the marketplace. Other than the reality that it's absolutely American, designed and developed back in the late 50s by a firearms maker called Armalite, individuals appreciate it for the many chances for modification along with ability to move as well as agility asked for back then by the armed forces to replace the AR-10, the AR-15's heavier-caliber precursor.

After the Vietnam Battle, the AR-15 efficiently went into the civilian market as well as swiftly ended up being popular with retired soldiers transitioning to noncombatant life, plinkers, sporters, as well as people requiring a weapon for residence defense. Nonetheless, a surge in the popularity of semi-automatic firearms as well as a succession of shootings overtaking civilian America in the late 80s as well as early 90s led to the Federal Assault Defense Ban in 1994 banning the manufacture of some semi-auto rifles, including the AR-15.

The Restriction automatically ended 10 years later on, in 2004 to be accurate, as well as it was perfect timing to start getting associated with the AR market. So Daniel Defense did.

Concerning Daniel Protection
Daniel Defense engaged in the weapon service in 2000, producing upper receivers, sling loopholes, and various other parts as well as accessories. Things obtained really intriguing a couple of years later on when Marty Daniel, the founder, thought of the M4 rail system called the RIS II that blew minds in the united state. The Special Forces.

Contrasted to the original Knight's Armament RIS employing a delta ring to hold the system with each other, the RIS II was fully free-floated. The style permitted more precision due to the fact that it didn't ruin the barrel harmonics by including weight and flexing to the barrel as the various other rail systems did. Daniel Protection was awarded a $20-million contract as well as considerably broadened.

The firm branched out right into firearms in 2009 when it presented the DDM4, which later began to be described as the V1. Since then, it has been creating AR-15 as well as AR-10 rifles, AR guns, and even bolt-action rifles like the Delta 5 and also the Delta 5 Pro.


Today, Daniel Defense is mainly considered as a top-tier manufacturer of costs high-end AR-style rifles and carbines. You will not locate a DD firearm for less than $1900 for 2022. As well as this rate is just valid for some lightly adorned M4-style rifles and the company's signature rifle as well as an individual of our Daniel Defense review, the DDM4V7, the extreme appeal of which permits the manufacturer to reduce the rate due to the economic situation of range. Various other rifles and AR-pistols cost crazy 2100-3400 bucks. That's a lot of cash to invest for many individuals, especially when there are similarly-featured options for $600 from budget brands or $1000 from higher-tier brands. So why are Daniel Defense firearms so costly?

The primary reason is that Daniel Defense makes all its firearms, parts, and accessories in the USA. The company doesn't outsource components from abroad to simply construct them and also stop. Every little thing, from Daniel Protection supply to uppers, from BCGs to barrels, is made internal, in its production facility in Black Creek, Georgia. The factory uses cutting edge technologies and machines, top quality materials, and the labor of thousands of specialists to supply guns as well as components that fulfill and also surpass market standards. The quality control is additionally superior. A number of precision machines, consisting of those created by DD itself, check every item when it's produced.

To be more details, we'll speak about the functions that make DDs stand apart in our Daniel Defense rifles assess below. Generally, we'll be reviewing the two most popular versions, the MK18 and the DDM4V7, yet we'll likewise touch on the variations and variations of the DDM4V7.

The name MK18 typically describes a number of versions of the M4 carbine, a shorter variation of the M16 armed forces rifle or the AR-15 noncombatant rifle. The long barrel of the M4 (14.5 inches) had not been quite ideal for close-quarter environments, yet because the modularity permitted easy substitute of the upper receiver, the decision was to develop an upper receiver with a much shorter barrel. This is how the Close Quarter Battle Receiver (top) came to the scene. The design had a 10.3-inch barrel perfect for CQB circumstances.

The CQBR-equipped carbine was called the MK18 Mod 0 and then was additional changed to adjust it for much better efficiency with the 5.56 NATO cartridge. The DD MK18 is very similar to the MK18 Mod 1.

So as you can see, rationale behind the CQBR and also the MK18 was to compose an extremely manoeuvrable system that can be effectively utilized in limiting settings. This is what makes the Daniel Defense MK18 an excellent tool for home defense as well as some short-range capturing. Nonetheless, a 10.3 barrel has several downsides, such as slower speeds that affect the efficiency of the 5.56 cartridge and also sound that becomes awfully loud in a closed atmosphere. You still can in some way mitigate both these issues with a suppressor that will make a bang quieter by around 30 decibels as well as prolong the barrel size.


Mentioning the barrel. The 1:7 spin barrel of the DD MK18 is cool hammer-forged. This is in fact what makes the version remarkable. This manufacturing method doesn't directly impact accuracy but rather helps maintain precision for a longer time by reducing the wear. The thing is that the more rounds you fire, the more your shot team opens as a result of the barrel wear. Cold ddm4v7s upper hammer building enables you to shoot about 10,000 rounds with out-of-the-box accuracy.

The DD MK18 includes the trademark Daniel Protection RIS II handguard, buttstock, as well as handgun grip. The pistol grasp has an instead shallow angle that numerous shooters find fantastic for manipulating a tool with cramped environments. Left-handed shooters will certainly value an ambidextrous security and billing take care of.

So, the MK18 from Daniel Protection is a renowned tool wonderful for close-quarter experiences, house protection, and also short-range shooting. But what happens if you want something even more of a multi-purpose option?


The DDM4V7 is an unofficial front runner of Daniel Protection and a definitely beautiful tool marketed for private citizens. Numerous consider it the most effective stock AR-15 you can buy for the cash. Yes, it's pretty pricey, however if you're looking for out-of-the-box top quality and can wait a little bit to boost your price factor, why not do that? In return, you'll obtain a dependable, feature-rich rifle that you'll enjoy with all your heart. Now allow's enlarge on what the rifle needs to offer.

The V7 has a 16-inch barrel with a spin price of 1:7, suitable for shooting larger loads of the 5.56 NATO. Customers also keep in mind just how terrific a mid-length inconspicuous gas block feels. Such gas block placing softens really felt recoil a notch as well as adds to the longer service life of interior parts. The V7's barrel and chamber are additionally cold hammer-forged for longer service life and also less wear.


The V7 barrel rests inside the trademark Daniel Protection MFR handguard, which is M-LOK, obviously. The M-LOK type permits easier installing of all your devices with a number of screw transforms. The 15-inch free-float rail system attaches with 4 or 6 screws that go around the rail (as opposed to 2 screws under frequently seen on various other supply AR-15s), which comprises a system that prevents interference with barrel harmonics, enhances precision, and also holds the rail more protected.

What's likewise excellent concerning the V7 is the enhanced flared mag well with just the right amount of metal widened as well as beveled to make sure quick as well as safe and secure reloads. The version additionally includes the military-grade M16 screw service provider team that you hardly ever see in supply AR-15s. The M16 screw service provider is clean-working and also hefty to make certain reliable cycling of the system.

The V7 has the same tale with controls as the MK18. The ambidextrous billing take care of will certainly be valued by shooters that like to work the rifle off their weak side periodically, and also the ambidextrous safety and security makes the managing experience a lot more natural for left-handed shooters.

If you like the V7, consider our offerings in Cobalt as well as Deep Woods designs.

So, the DDM4V7 loads every little thing you require. Premium materials and parts add to the dependability and resilience of the rifle, while sturdy and also durable building makes dealing with a pleasant experience. The finally benefit of the V7 is weight. The V7 is an incredibly light AR-15, weighing just 6.2 lbs WITH a full-length 15-inch light weight aluminum rail as well as a basic federal government profile barrel. If that's not impressive, what is?


The solution might be an AR-style rifle that weighs also much less, the V7 SLW. This variation of the V7 includes a barrel length of 14.5 inches as well as considers mere 5.9 pounds. Several shooters believe the larger the rifle, the even more control you have. If it helps you, penalty. However, numerous experienced shooters think about lighter rifles are less complicated to stabilize for even more tough shots in more snappy as well as rapid problems and more comfy to lug for extensive periods.

So, if you train in atmospheres where you require to walk around hiking up and down or just desire a much shorter and also lighter rifle, the DDM4 V7 SLW should be your choice.

Final Words

Daniel Defense makes terrific AR-15 rifles and also AR-pistols. They are feature-rich, dependable, have a wonderful appearance, and also of course, they deserve the cash. So if you need to decide between waiting a couple of months to buy a Daniel Defense or opting for a lower-end rifle right now, we would certainly suggest you to wait since DD's reputable weapons promote a positive shooting experience that translates right into faster ability growth with less bad habits. If you're persuaded, we kindly invite you to take a closer consider our Daniel Defense offering to locate a tool you'll like.

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